Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thrift Store Finds

James and I went to the Good Will the other day. I love to look at the baby stuff because babies grow so fast that a lot of the stuff is still in really good condition.

I found there really cute baby shoes for only $1.99

These shoes are from The Children's Place. If you have kids you know that that store is one of the more expensive stores for kids. So when i saw these and the price I had to snatch them up. They are 0-6 months and Madison has little feet so it will be a few months before she can wear them but im in no hurry to put shoes on her anyway.

I have been on the hunt for some shorts that fit me this summer. obviously fitting into my size one shorts from last year is not going to happen right away after having a baby. i fit in all my dressed but nursing in a dress is a hard thing to do. so i wandered over to the women's section. I found this skirt for $3.99

Its a high waisted denim looking skirt. It has pockets on the hips and looks great with a tucked in shirt and a big belt. A skirt like this a great for making you look smaller. It hits at the smallest part of my body and the way the skirt flows away from my hips so it hides the mommy pooch i have now.

Going to the thrift store sometimes can feel like a chore to me will all the hunting you have to do. It can be time consuming and you might come out with nothing. But if your feeling up to it you can find some nice things.

Well Madison is getting fussy. Its time for her to eat. I will post again soon.


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