Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Retail Therapy

Did some shopping for myself today. Check it out!!

We got this propane gas Grill at Rite-Aid. 50% off so it was only 20 bucks. Great for camping or just a quick grilled dinner when we dont want to wait for the charcoal to heat up.
Stopped at Boarders and found this book. This is the 5th book in a series that i have been reading since i was in like high school. The series is about these wing kids that escaped and are now trying to save the world. The 2 oldest girl and boy fall in love. From reading the inside cover it seems like something happends to Fang (the boy lover bird kid) and another guys come into the picture. Can you saw love triangle!!
I also go the House of Night Series. Being a Twilight fan im hoping to like these books. A few people i know that liked Twilight also recommend these books. I have no clue what they are about except that they are about Vampires.
Im hoping that its like Twilight in the aspect of the Vampires are just a character and the books its not about the vampire legend.
Aeropostle is having a sale on their jeans. Buy one get one free. One pair is a Skinny fit and the older is an ultra skinny fit. They are both the same wash because i didnt like the other washes. I didnt try them on because i had the baby so i hope they look ok and they fit. If not i will just take them back.
I live that i have a Delias in my Mall and that i dont have to order out of the catalog. This brown hooded sweater is perfect for fall. with a belt or alone dressed up or down. works for eny occasion.

i love this short sleeved sweater for Wet Seal. its really soft and can go over anything. The buttons add a cute detail.
I also got this shit at Wet Seal. It was 16.99 but when i got the check out it rang up $5.00!! what a deal. Its blue and white striped one shoulder. This is going to be cute with my red flats from target. Kind of a modern nautical theme.
MY engagment and promise ring at a bit too small since my hands were so swollen durning the pregnancy. They are going down and i can get them over my knuckle but they are very tight and i dont want to risk it. I was getting tired of people giving my dirty looks for not having a ring on. Also when i say im engaged people look at my finger and i can tell that they are wonder were my ring is. So i got this chain so i never have to take them off.

Last thing i got were these scarves. White with gold, green, blue, and turquoise. just like most of the other pieces that i got these are so versatile. over a plain tee to add some color. or during the winter with a pea coat. The scarf doesnt even have to match your clothes if they are hidden under your jacket. Most Pea coats are a plain neutral color like black or brown so adding a bright color like ones of these adds a nice pop.

Its was a great way to spend a rainy day. Not to many people at the mall on a rainy tuesday afternoon.


  1. Are you done reading Fang yet? If not, hurry and read it so mom can read if then its my turn! I've read the House of Night books (except for the 1st one lol) and they were good. Not great like Twilight, but still good reads. LOVE LOVE LOVE the brown sweater. I call dibs when you get tired of it!

  2. no i havent started. im going to read it after the house of night books. and you guys have to wait because i have to wait.