Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Retail Therapy

Did some shopping for myself today. Check it out!!

We got this propane gas Grill at Rite-Aid. 50% off so it was only 20 bucks. Great for camping or just a quick grilled dinner when we dont want to wait for the charcoal to heat up.
Stopped at Boarders and found this book. This is the 5th book in a series that i have been reading since i was in like high school. The series is about these wing kids that escaped and are now trying to save the world. The 2 oldest girl and boy fall in love. From reading the inside cover it seems like something happends to Fang (the boy lover bird kid) and another guys come into the picture. Can you saw love triangle!!
I also go the House of Night Series. Being a Twilight fan im hoping to like these books. A few people i know that liked Twilight also recommend these books. I have no clue what they are about except that they are about Vampires.
Im hoping that its like Twilight in the aspect of the Vampires are just a character and the books its not about the vampire legend.
Aeropostle is having a sale on their jeans. Buy one get one free. One pair is a Skinny fit and the older is an ultra skinny fit. They are both the same wash because i didnt like the other washes. I didnt try them on because i had the baby so i hope they look ok and they fit. If not i will just take them back.
I live that i have a Delias in my Mall and that i dont have to order out of the catalog. This brown hooded sweater is perfect for fall. with a belt or alone dressed up or down. works for eny occasion.

i love this short sleeved sweater for Wet Seal. its really soft and can go over anything. The buttons add a cute detail.
I also got this shit at Wet Seal. It was 16.99 but when i got the check out it rang up $5.00!! what a deal. Its blue and white striped one shoulder. This is going to be cute with my red flats from target. Kind of a modern nautical theme.
MY engagment and promise ring at a bit too small since my hands were so swollen durning the pregnancy. They are going down and i can get them over my knuckle but they are very tight and i dont want to risk it. I was getting tired of people giving my dirty looks for not having a ring on. Also when i say im engaged people look at my finger and i can tell that they are wonder were my ring is. So i got this chain so i never have to take them off.

Last thing i got were these scarves. White with gold, green, blue, and turquoise. just like most of the other pieces that i got these are so versatile. over a plain tee to add some color. or during the winter with a pea coat. The scarf doesnt even have to match your clothes if they are hidden under your jacket. Most Pea coats are a plain neutral color like black or brown so adding a bright color like ones of these adds a nice pop.

Its was a great way to spend a rainy day. Not to many people at the mall on a rainy tuesday afternoon.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Things Im Loving Right Now

Just one or two drops on each nail after painting and about 5-10 minutes later your nails are dry enough to put your hands in your purse to look for you keys. Its a bit on the pricey side but a Holy Grail must have in my nail product collection.

This pressed powder is the best powder I have ever used. It truly does leave my face matte all day. If I come home after work and decide that I want to go out i may have to reapply or if its really hot that day, but dont have to keep caking it on. I like to use my Kabuki Brush from Sigmamakeup.com. it doesnt make my face look powdery or cakey.
This foundation goes on the best with clean fingers. It really does leave your skin looking flawless in pictures. Using the powder above and this foundation makes my skin look great all day long.
Madison love this lotion. It makes your fall asleep so fast. And keeps her alseep. When her skin was dry and pealing it moisturized her skin very well and she only pealed for a few days. Her feet were a bit worse then the rest of her body so a slathered her feet with the lotion. so much that her skin wasnt able to soak it all up. i took a pair of her plain white cotton socks and put them on over the lotion. in the morning i took them off put a little more lotion on them and they havent pealed since. James also likes me to rub it on his back at night. Makes him sleep just like a baby. =]
For me this is my favorite lotion. While i was pregnant it kept my skin so hydrated. i would put it on at night after my shower and i could still feel the hydration until the next night. I still use it now. the weight that i gained during the pregnancy took a toll on my heals. they have become very dry. This lotions really helps keep them from getting too bad. I did the the same thing with this lotion and a pair of sock that i did with Madison and it work like a charm.
It claims to whiten your teeth in 2 weeks. I do feel that my teeth are whiter. But what i love about this tooth paste the most is the feeling it leaves my teeth after i brush them. they feel so clean. like i just got my teeth cleaned by the dentist. And it leaves my breath fresh for hours. something that i also like about this tooth paste is that the mint flavor doesnt stay there for along time so when i eat something the flavors dont mix.
This has been my facial routine for a good year now. I love Cetaphil because not only is it inexpensive and i get it at the drug store but it works too. I dont have perfect skin but before i started using this nothing seemed to work to keep my breakouts down. This cleanser is great because its mild so even the most sensitive skin can use it. its also for normal to oily skin so when your bff is over and wants to wash her face she can use this too. one pump is all i need to wash my face. i wash it once to get the make up off and then again to clean the skin. I use the up & up scrub every other day or when i feel i need it. i used to use the st ives apricot scrub but when i was at target i saw this one for half the price and picked it up to try. i have to say that i like this one better. it leave my skin super soft and feels like there is some kind of acne medication that helps with break outs.
Im not usually a lavender kind of girl but lately i have been loving it. I use this body wash at night and it really helps me to relax. also it smells really good. i put i bit on my wet loofa get it all lathered up and massage it onto my skin. it rinses off clean and makes me ready for bed. the sent is warm and relaxing and not too strong.
This by far is the best shampoo and conditioner i have ever used and you get it at the drugstore. My hair is the healthiest it has ever been. i have no spit ends and the last time i got my hair cut was like 3 months ago. the shampoo comes to a good lather and the conditioner leaves my hair silky smooth. the only negative i would have for this product is the packaging. the product it too thick for the squeeze bottles. especially the shampoo. you have to squeeze so hard and only a thin stream of product comes outs. but im willing to work with that since it keeps my hair is such good condition.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thrift Store Finds

James and I went to the Good Will the other day. I love to look at the baby stuff because babies grow so fast that a lot of the stuff is still in really good condition.

I found there really cute baby shoes for only $1.99

These shoes are from The Children's Place. If you have kids you know that that store is one of the more expensive stores for kids. So when i saw these and the price I had to snatch them up. They are 0-6 months and Madison has little feet so it will be a few months before she can wear them but im in no hurry to put shoes on her anyway.

I have been on the hunt for some shorts that fit me this summer. obviously fitting into my size one shorts from last year is not going to happen right away after having a baby. i fit in all my dressed but nursing in a dress is a hard thing to do. so i wandered over to the women's section. I found this skirt for $3.99

Its a high waisted denim looking skirt. It has pockets on the hips and looks great with a tucked in shirt and a big belt. A skirt like this a great for making you look smaller. It hits at the smallest part of my body and the way the skirt flows away from my hips so it hides the mommy pooch i have now.

Going to the thrift store sometimes can feel like a chore to me will all the hunting you have to do. It can be time consuming and you might come out with nothing. But if your feeling up to it you can find some nice things.

Well Madison is getting fussy. Its time for her to eat. I will post again soon.