Friday, June 11, 2010


Tomorrow I have my maternity photo shoot. I was referred to this wonderful photographer also named Amanda her web site is Her photos are exactly my style. Very vintage glam and her packages are very affordable. So tomorrow James and I are going to her in home studio. i couldnt be more excited. the weather is going to be amazing and her back yard is beautiful and should create some beautiful shots. I will be doing some semi nudes and needed to get a cute panty set. I went to target yesterday to see if i could find something that work work. They had nothing. wait let me re phrase that... they had cute sets, just not in my size. i have always been on the smaller side when it came to my lady lumps. but when i became pregnant my boob shot up like 2-3 cup sizes (depending on the brand). so i leave target empty handed wondering what i am going to do. So after work i head to the mall to see if i can find something. Not wanting to spend a bunch of money i head to stores like Forever 21 and H&M to check out what they have. of course its the same situation that i find at Target nothing cute in my size. I say to my self "eff it. im going to Vitorias Secret" if im going to invest money in to these photos then im going to make sure i look good in them. They have my size it a lot of the bras that i like but on i just dont look the same. i definatly dont feel sexy in any of them. so i just decided on the one that looked the best. luckily it was the cheapest one. This is the one i bought

They only had large undies so i had to go with a different style but at that point i was just so tired and ready to go home. looking at it now i think it will do the job. im sure Amanda will work her magic.

i should get to bed though to i can get my beauty sleep. i have to get up and get my nails done. They are growing out so fast now. just got them done a week ago and they look 3 weeks old. oh and one nail is completely off. nails are essential. Shoot is a one tomorrow and i still have a lot to do. Night

XOXO - Amanda


  1. Well that's so cool hunny, so sweet to capture the pregnancy in a beautiful way like this.. i havent been pregnant yet, but i want to do this when i am!!
    hugs, thea

  2. yes defiantly a great way to capture the memory. pregnancy is beautiful.