Friday, September 24, 2010

My Best Friend Says I'm a Hippy

I dont have the best carbon foot print. I drive everyday, i use things with plastic all the time, and i dont recycle on the regular. However i do like the idea of being green. Thats why i like to buy Lush products. Lush is a bath store that carries bubble bath, soaps, bath fizzies, shampoo, lotions, and may other relaxing things. They are a very green company that is big on recycling and reducing waste. They use fresh ingredients, make their products by hand, use little to no packaging, and they dont test on animals. They started in the company in 2002 and are now all over the world. Heres a video on their environmental policy:

I havent found a product that i dont like. I love the bubble bars. I would say they are my favorite. They are a bit pricy but most of the products can be broken up for multiple use. Just store them in a dry area in your home (like in your bedroom not in the bathroom. Beacuse there isnt a lot of things that have packaging it saves a lot of space.

It defiantly is worth every penny and i recommend it to everyone. even people with sensitive skin.

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